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Why Choose


Familiar Interface

You already know how to use progeCAD!
The progeCAD interface will make you feel comfortable from the very beginning thanks to the "AutoCAD® - Like" Classic icon and Ribbon menus and "AutoCAD® - Like" commands.

Advanced Features

Besides being an all-embracing 2D/3D CAD tool with all the fundamental drawing functionality, progeCAD offers professionals a large number of advanced features and exclusive tools.


progeCAD offers all the main features available with AutoCAD® and is also renowned for its handy extra tools added for free to further boost your productivity. Your cost-effective drawing power!

22,000 Free CAD Blocks

iCADLib, included in progeCAD and iCADMac, contains more than 22,000 2D/3D blocks. iCADLib integrates also the Traceparts and Cadenas web portals for easy-guided usage of more than 100 million of blocks available online.

Flexible Licensing

progeCAD is available with different perpetual licensing solutions, suitable for all business dimensions, from a single drafter to global corporations.

No Annual Fees

Perpetual Licensing! No compulsory annual fees. You can finally buy a DWG-compatible CAD program at an extremely affordable price. progeCAD's license is perpetual and allows the customer to use the licensed software indefinitely.

About Us

What is progeCAD?

progeCAD is an AutoCAD® compatible 2D/3D CAD application that works with AutoCAD® DWG files from AutoCAD® 2.5 through AutoCAD® 2024 and imports Autodesk Revit® and IFC files! The best solution for AEC, MCAD and all generic CAD usages.

progeCAD offers perpetual licensing with more CAD functions than AutoCAD® LT at a fraction of the cost of AutoCAD®, ArchiCAD® or Microstation®.

What's New in


Intellicad 12.x Engine

The most recent IntelliCAD source code with all the relative improvements.


Creates curves in the U and V directions on a Surface or on a 3D solid. The curves can be lines, polylines, arcs, or splines depending on the shape of a 3D object.


Splits 2D entities such as lines, arcs, polylines, infinite lines, rays, splines into two entities at a single break point. Closed entities cannot be split at a single break point.


Link a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to a progeCAD table. The best thing about data linking is that any changes that you make to the Excel spreadsheet will update the progeCAD table. Plus, if you set it up this way, you can edit the table and it can write back to the spreadsheet.

Improved Geolocation

New dialog box for adding a geographic location to a drawing.


Imports directly an .xls or .xlsx file into a new static progeCAD Table.
The imported data fill a new table that is created automatically during import, and the new table is formatted automatically to match the format of the original spreadsheet.

Dialog New Express command - Smart Join

Joins lines, polylines, splines into a single polyline.


Allows to create a new Dimension Style based on an existing dimension. Say you have a dimension and you change its properties by overriding such elements: extension line color, text color, arrowhead size, and text font. Just run the command AIDIMSTYLE and select the dimension and a new style will be created with these properties.

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Who Uses


“ABB started with progeCAD in the year 2000. ABB has distributed around 15,000 licenses of progeCAD to run our specific application for the Electrical environment; we are also using hundreds of licenses as a CAD base. Our choice for progeCAD was mainly based on the importance of the DWG format and our users past experiences on AutoCAD®. The most important benefits are related to the easy and profitable drawing sharing, thanks to the standard DWG format support”

ABB Group

Ing. Maurizio Falsone

“After trying progeCAD, I was so impressed with the compatibility with AutoCAD® and that it did some things better than AutoCAD®. When our company needed to upgrade ACAD, I told our department about progeCAD Professional and how it is about one third the cost and out performs AutoCAD®, they were excited. Gradually we upgraded ACAD to progeCAD Professional. There is little if any learning curve to achieve the same or better results. I highly recommend progeCAD to anyone seeking a full featured CAD program at a reasonable price. The Customer Service has also been superb!”

Raypack Inc

Mr. Richard Nash

In 2002 Campari started an internal project on new packaging design for worldwide distribution. We chose progeCAD for a number of reasons. The most important were: DWG compatibility, usability, some specific features such as PDF print, and obviously the price”

Campari spa

Mr. Fabio Baraldi

“progeCAD is essential for small orders deployment and block management in mechanical equipment. With progeCAD, Schneider Electric can observe all market standards, guarantee DWG compatibility, and manage multisheet drawings for a low cost”

Schneider Electric

Ing. Graziano Vimercati

“We have several ship yards in Norway and also in other countries. Mainly we use progeCAD for users that require to view drawings of various sections of the ships and also for those who require to make minor alterations. Most of the designers use Autocad, but this program is not suitable for example for the production department”

Aker Yards

Mrs. Pamela Sandvik



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